Mechangers undertake a complete spectrum of services from feasibility study, to design and engineering to project execution and project management to meet customers' requirements.

Mechangers can undertake the following types of contracts

- Engineering of systems & Components

- Engineering Procurement and Construction on Lump Sum Turnkey basis - small skid units (EPC-LSTK)

- Engineering Procurement Management (EPM)(procurement services except issuing PO and payments)

- Project Management Consultancy ( PMC)

Representations of principles & international Trade

Representation of various manufacturers for bid one of the kind equipment.

- selection of equipment & system on behalf of the principal
- proposal engineering
- detail engineering support


Procurement support like collecting offers, making TBA & CBA for indigenous products & packages, order placement & expediting. Interaction design for business to-business for low-hanging fruits.

Quality Control & Inspection

Offering Inspection services, review & preparation of quality plans for equipment (rotating & packages)

Project & Engineering Management

Focussing on the development and completion of the project to achieve goals and meet project requirements. Also focuses on technological problem solving to increase the operational performance of complex engineering.

3 D Modelling

Producing a 3D digital representation of the complete handling plant and complex packages. Well aware of model checklist and requirements at 30%, 60% and 90% stages.

End to End Design Integration

Engineering management of integrated multidisciplinary engineering systems for plants.
-Design integration of complete bulk handling packages ( including handling, storage, feeding & transportation & vent filtration)
- Integrated multidiscipliery engineering for Pneumatic Conveying, Bagging & pellatizing, Lime handling system
- Design & engineering for complex gas & liquid handling systems

Owner's Engineer, Engineering center, Engineering Consultancy

- Consultancy and Engineering support
- Owner's engineer for Specialized packages
- Engineering excellence center for reputed Engineering groups with a major share in engineering
- Affiliated company for foreign conglomerates
- Global Engineering Centre for prominent engineering companies
- Engineering for local & foreign conglomerates

Why We Do It Better

  • Professional Team

    The team comprised of experienced engineers from Oil & gas as well as fine chemical field who have been in this industry for many years rendering services to major EPC & PMC companies.

  • Use all related software with good IT support. Meetings are handled using TEAMS, Google meets in real-time enabling online reviews and inputs.

  • All deliverables are checked & approved by the second and third pair of eyes ensuring zero defects. All product & component data are harvested in a proper manner so as to manifest properly in drawings, datasheet, and calculations.

  • This being the moto is a driver to ensure that the highest quality of deliverables is given to the customer.

  • Putting ourselves in the right mindset and true spirit of service in engineering, being open to ideas and authentic, by being decisive, trusting our intuition, gathering data, and building a plan.